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We specialise in all the stages of production and the promotion and marketing of a release, with our consultancy services provided to numerous international clientèle. Offering Label Management, as well as Publishing, Radio & Podcast Syndication. We are highly experienced professionals, working in the music consultancy and promotion field for over a decade.

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About Us

132,298 Promo Feedbacks Received

3,051 Campaigns Sent

Getting your music heard is of the utmost importance...

At Promo Delivery, we realise the value of your music is of great importance, and that it requires the best promotion strategy and care on completion, and that's where we can help! Whether you are a long established major imprint wanting your next track to reach every commercial magazine, radio station and licensee out there, to the smallest independent artist wanting help to break your new release with underground credibility, we are there for you!

Using our in house, custom built & efficient promo system, we can tailor a campaign to deliver internationally to those who it suits within minutes of receiving the brief. Ensuring we maintain a certain standard, we only deliver to leading national and international recipients, who actively promote your music. Recent campaigns have had success on Radio 1, 2FM, Sunshine Live, A State Of Trance, Kiss FM, Mixmag, DJ Magazine, Digitally Imported and many more!

No campaign is too big or too small for us to undertake, and we pride ourselves in delivering value for money!

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PR Servicing

We can tailor a list of suitable recipients for a campaign, ensuring the right and necessary people will receive your music!

Radio Syndication

If you run a podcast or radio show, we can help you with syndication with the help of media partners, creating global awareness!


We offer favourable publishing agreements to writers, with us actively seeking sync opportunities to get the best from your music!


A system for recipients to log in and check all the tracks waiting for them and to browse with ease, never miss a promo again!


Instantaneous and automated feedback from the second a campaign is sent, notifying you if a recipient has checked, left feedback or your promo address bounced!

Label Management

Providing all the steps from drawing up contracts, finding suitable remix artists and development, to securing distribution, licensing, marketing and royalty management.

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